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Rope Magic – Professors Nightmare

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This is me in my “civvies” performing an extended version of “The Professors Nightmare” illusion.

Rope magic is a really cool way to entertain. It uses an everyday item which people are familiar with and can create some wonderful magical moments. The rope itself is normal and therefore relies upon the skill of the magician and their sleight of hand skills to create all the mystery.

From the magicians point of view it is also a great prop to use because it can be carried around very easy. It can also be performed for one person or a group of people as it is that versatile.

Basically at the start of the illusion the magician introduces three pieces of rope that are all obviously different in length. The spectators can examine the rope to make sure all is at is seems. The magician then takes the rope back and proceeds stretch the rope to all the same length, make the ends move around, make knots in the rope move around and other mind boggling effects.

This cool effect was created by Bob Carver and won the International Brotherhood of Magicians Originality Trophy in 1957. The judges did not believe that what he was doing was pure sleight of hand. The only way he persuaded the judges was to expose the trick to them.