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So your planning an event and have decided to spice things up with a magician! Excellent! Well, all you have to do now is make sure you get a quality act. An experienced magician with slick sleight of hand skills who is a solid entertainer! Someone who can dazzle and delight your family and friends! With so many magicians to choose from this will be easy right? – Not quite.

Unlike tradesmen magicians are not industry checked. This means anyone can call themselves a “Professional Magician”.

So how do you ensure a quality act? You biggest clue is to search a magicians social media. You are looking for pictures and videos of the magician in question performing. These are very hard to obtain and very difficult to fake which makes them an asset for both you and the entertainer.

A top flight magician will have pictures of themselves performing at events in abundance. They will also have lots of video clips of themselves in action with guests really enjoying the magic. A professional magician will be more than happy to show off their port folio to any potential client. Non-professional magicians will hardly have videos or pictures like this to promote themselves with.

You can also ask to meet the magician in person, ask if they are a member of the Magic Circle, ask him to supply references from previous customers and also ask family and friends to recommend an act.
Always ensure you hire a professional.


Are all magicians good?

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Are all magicians good?

One of the first questions a client or customer asks me is “how much for your services?”

Very few turn around and ask what quality of service can I provide? How good are you? How reliable and experienced are you? Can you provide customer references? I think this is a common misconception with the public that all magicians are all the same so it is just as well to find the cheapest artist for their event.


Sadly this is not true. Have you ever walked out of a shop thinking to yourself that the service there was not very good or even worse, really bad? The main problem a client has when hiring a magician for their wedding, party or event is that this is something they do not do on a regular basis. Combined with the fact that there are many to choose from out there also adds to the confusion as to which one to hire. All those nice shiny websites all look so good.

Magician fees

This is one reason why one magician may charge a higher fee than another, especially a professional. You are not paying for some guy to come along and do a trick. You are paying for a very experienced entertainer who has honed his act in over a number of years. A person who is well groomed and confident. Someone who not only has practiced for thousands of hours to be as good as they are but also someone who is good with mixing and handling people and is a great entertainer. Someone who is reliable and professional at all times and situations. A craftsman in their art.

Finding an excellent magician

The best way is for a friend to recommend a magician via word of mouth. However, this may not always be possible. So, the next best way is to go to the magician’s website. A very good way to tell is to watch the magician perform. You are looking to find a video of the magician in action performing magic to a real audience and have them fully engaged in his act and reacting positively. Video clips like this are very difficult for even a professional magician to obtain. For an amateur it is virtually impossible. They do not have the booking opportunities, the skill or experience to create a strong act. Having it filmed is also an art and another challenge in itself.

Using social media

Another way to tell is to see if the magician has a Facebook page. For example mine is https://www.facebook.com/andyfieldmagician/ . Again look for videos or even pictures can speak a thousand words. If there are pictures and posts of the magician performing to people who are smiling and laughing then this too is a good sign that the magician is working, popular, experienced and their magic can entertain.


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Stonehouse Court Wedding MagicianAs a working professional magician I get to meet thousands of people over the year.  Every now and then people will request a trick from me.  Can you do the one where a card sticks to a ceiling or the cards change into glass they will ask?  I know the only reason they request these tricks is because they have seen other magicians perform them which is why I create my own magic.  Magic is 50% surprise.  So, if they know what is going to happen it will not be as effective.  It’s a bit like having heard a joke before.  It’s not so strong second time around.

Stonehouse Court Hotel

However, having said that there is one trick I do perform that people have heard of and do ask for on occasions as it is infamous and has a reputation.  The trick is called Three Card Monte.  Steve, a friend who booked me for his friend’s wedding at Stonehouse Court asked me to perform it.  So, we all crowded into the newly decorated Stonehouse Court bar to watch me perform the scam.


Three-card Monte is also known as Find the Lady.  The Mark or victim is tricked into betting money by where they have to try and find the odd card out among the three face-down cards.  This is a short scam con where the Mark has no chance of winning against an experienced con artist.   The scam came into play in around the 15th century.


The game is very simple to which adds to its appeal and addiction.  The Operator put three cards face-down on a surface.  This is usually nothing fancy like a cardboard box so if needed a quick getaway can be made.  A target or odd card is made know to the Mark and they have to bet money on which of the three cards they think it is after they have been shuffled and mixed around face down.  If they guess correct they win their money back plus profit.  If not, then they lose.


Three-Card Monte scam is generally operated by a team.  From a look out guy to other pretend players, known as “shills” they are all put in place to encourage a Mark to bet their money.  A good team will all work well together and know how to play the Mark to encourage him to bet by reading the type of person his is and then play against this to get the money.  Other shills may talk to him and play mind games with him or another shill may be seen by the Mark to be winning money.  The team will use many techniques to build the Marks confidence up and have him believe he can win and get him caught up in the scam.


One of the classic sucker ploys in The-Card Monte is the bend corner scam.  The team use this if they find a really good sucker who likes to keep betting, or someone who is a little reserved about betting.  Either way it is designed to get the money.  Basically during play the money card will have its corner bent by the Dealer who pretends not to notice.  The Mark, now convinced more than ever they know where the winning card is, will bet.  Of course, they will still loose.  During play the Dealer will un-bend the winning card and bend the corner on a losing card.


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This week I have performed at three weddings.  I have performed my wedding magic around London and Swindon but Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire was my favourite venue.


Sometimes as a visitor to a hotel or venue where the Bride and Groom have booked me to perform at their wedding celebrations the management can sometimes be a little unfriendly.  This is because they are not going to make any money from me and see me as an inconvenience.  Therefore they see no reason to treat me with any help or courtesy.  However, if this happens, I gently remind them that their customers are also my customers and I have been invited by them to perform at their wedding.  I also remind them that I know their staff name and can very easily write a review about their services on Google Plus and post is on line for all to see.  Then email the link to their General Manager to ensure he sees it too!  Amazing their attitude suddenly changes.  It must be magic!


However, at Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire, this is just not necessary.  The staff are really friendly and genuine.  All the way from receptionist Ezy, to the Food and Beverage manageress Erin, up to up to the General Manager David Chambers.

Stanton Manor itself is a classical country manor house and hotel but with contemporary designs.  The magnificent gardens themselves were designed as far back in the eighteenth century by Gertrude Jekyll and they overlook Stanton Lake and Park.  The manor is three stars but seems more.

Anyone booking the venue for their event will have the whole building exclusively to themselves, which is cool.  Weddings breakfasts are served in the marque in the gardens and there are plenty of exceptional locations and views to take advantage of for the all-important wedding pictures.


On this occasion the Bride’s father and mother John and Shelly had seen me perform my magic recently at a previous function and decided to book me on the spot as a wedding present for their daughter Ceri and her husband Alex.  My performance on this occasion was to walk around and entertain one hundred and twenty people as they mingled around the house and its gardens after the wedding breakfast. This is one of my favourite times to entertain at a wedding because at this point everyone has had something to eat and drink and are well and truly relaxed and settled in.  Plus, at this point the Bride and Groom have now been married and all wedding day nerves have vanished.


ErinCeri’s father John is a big magic fan.  He asked me to perform a signature effect of mine using some Polo mints!  Basically two separate Polo mints are shown and then linked together in a heartbeat in the hands of the Bride and Groom.  Basically, it’s about two becoming one, just like two separate people getting married and joining together. The mints can then be instantly handed out and kept as a souvenir.  You see, not all magicians do card tricks!  Having said that, I still performed several of my other feature effects that do use cards! The Fourth Dimension and The Floating Card being two of them.

I always feel that if a wedding party is fortunate enough to be able to hire a venue and use it privately then this is a big advantage.  The public are kept out allowing all the guests to enjoy the benefits of the venue exclusively for themselves.

I spent around two hours entertain the Bride and Grooms family and friends and had a marvellous evening.  Definitely a wedding I will certainly remember for a very long time.

Magician For Prom Nights

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Recently I had the pleasure of performing my party magic at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

The students of Swansea University were holding their prom night and really wanted some amazing magic to spice their evening up.

The Liberty Stadium worked out to be a perfect venue for them.  Home to Swansea City FC and Ospreys rugby team with seating for 20,500 and a conference and events centre it can easily host the largest of any functions from private to corporate events.

Guests can also walk around the stadium balcony and look over the stadium itself so the views are impressive to.

During the evening my performance consisted of entertaining over one hundred and fifty Swansea University students with my party magic illusions!  I always enjoy performing my magic at prom nights because students are always up for having a great time.  The ladies always look beautiful and the guys look very handsome too!

Magician For Prom Nights

During the evening I visited fifteen tables and performed magic with playing cards making them float and appear and disappear and arriving at impossible locations such as other people’s pockets!  I also performed magic with other items such as mobile phones, rope, jewellery, coins, paper money and even mind reading.

Several students asked me if I could perform tricks that they had seen other wedding and party magicians perform but I explained to them that I make up most of my magic so it is bespoke and original.  I like to show people magic that they have not seen before.

A few days after my performance the gentleman who booked me, Tom Harris, dropped me an email to thank me for attending and he told me how totally amazed everyone was with my magic. He also stated they wanted to book me again for next year.

If you are looking to have some magical entertainment at your wedding, party, corporate event or prom night and would like a few tips on how to make this work and be a success for your event then please contact me by phone or using my CONTACT FORM and I will be happy to help you out.

Pulling a Rabbit From a Hat

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Pulling a real rabbit out of a top hat is classic trick in magic. However, despite most people having heard of it, very few magicians actually perform it.

The trick goes back several hundred years and is probably credited to John Henry Anderson and Lewis Compte. They would be hired by rich families to perform magic in their homes. These types of magic shows are called parlour magic performances. Basically the magician would use tricks that were larger than close up magic props yet smaller than stage illusions.

The magician would typically have a large table and this would help to conceal secrets and maybe even to hide a rabbit? I wanted to perform my own version of pulling a rabbit from a hat. I create many of my own original tricks for my wedding magician act so I set to work on trying to devise a method here. I wanted my version of pulling a rabbit from a hat to have certain conditions:

1. It must be a modern version done out live on the street.
2. The hat, should it be possible to borrow one, must be a baseball cap.
3. I must perform the effect out in the open air completely surrounded.
4 I must not wear bulky cloths but a short sleeved shirt.
5. The bunny must not be harmed of hurt in any way.
6. Effect must be filmed.

To my delight, satisfaction and my own amazement I managed to achieve my goal.  It took a lot of time and work to devise and create such an amazing street illusion as this but I was totally delighted with the results which you can see in the video clip above.

Sadly Suzie the rabbit is now fully grown so she wont be fitting inside any more baseball caps now.  However, she looks very cute in the video clip and she currently lives at home with us now in a nice large hutch enjoying her early retirement from the movie industry!



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I am a professional award winning wedding and party magical entertainer who has been performing magic for over twenty years. My YouTube videos have over 5 million views and I am the most watched YouTube magician in the UK. Television programs use my magic skills and videos in their productions.


I am a close up magical entertainer.  This means I use the skills of my hands to create moments of pure astonishment right under your nose!  I perform to groups of people who are standing or seated around tables. Most of my act consists of original magic I have created myself and I use everyday objects such as playing cards, money, rope, rings and other borrowed items to perform magic that will knock your socks off and that you will remember for a very long time – guaranteed!


I can perform amazing magic to entertain throughout your day such as during the photo call, room changes, drinks receptions, wedding breakfasts, evening receptions or any times where you feel appropriate! I can perform to one person or to large groups.  I can perform walking around mixing and mingling or at tables where people are seated.  Either way I break the ice!


Certainly!  Most magicians feel it beneath them to entertain a few little ones, or feel it undermines their adult magic act.  (Some magicians have delicate egos). My attitude is I am an entertainer so why not show the children a trick or two.  After all this is how most magicians themselves got bitten by the magic bug!  So, yes I can show them a little bit of magic.  However, if it’s a larger act you want then try contacting a children’s magician.  A great time to use them to entertain the children is during the wedding speeches.


I am glad you asked.  This is such an important point!  Anyone can create a website and fill it with impressive text such as “The World’s Greatest Magician”.  However, videos are very difficult to fake.  Search my website and check out my videos to see samples of my magic in action and you will see some strong magic and people enjoying themselves. My YouTube channel has millions of views and my magical skills and knowledge have also been used for television productions.  Plus, I have years of experience as a wedding and party magic and I have strong showmanship skills.  So, to answer your question, the chances are you are in very safe professional hands! (Magic hands naturally!)  Being a magician is more than just doing a trick.  It is about having an engaging personality combined with strong showmanship as well as being able to perform strong and powerful magic.  This only comes with years of experience and is a very good reason to avoid budget priced magicians.


Anywhere in the UK!  Do not worry about my travelling expenses; I take care of this.  Besides you are paying for my magical and entertainment skills and not my petrol! (Actually I have a flying magic carpet that runs on LPG gas!)


My fee is determined by various factors.  I will always try and give you best competitive quote that I can so please contact me and tell me a little about your event such as times, dates and the number of guests you anticipate.


Yes, I am.  Some venues like to see PLI (Public Liability Insurance).  I am insured for up to one million pounds in case something very unfortunate should happen.  To be honest though I am unable to remember the last time I seriously injured anyone during a card trick! However, I did suffer a paper cut myself on one occasion to my index finger!  Anyway, having PLI is the right and professional thing to have these days.


Try to book as early as possible.  Most people on average book me around six months in advance but for peak wedding season months I suggest you book as early as you can because this way you can get the time slots you really want and avoid disappointment. I require a deposit to secure the date.  As long as I have the deposit we can firm up any details later.


Of all the thousands of weddings I have performed at I have never missed one so far.  Touch wood.  However, if I am incapacitated in some way shape or form I have a manager who can supply another professional magician for the same fee.  (Will not be as good looking as me though).

Also, as I travel around, I am always careful to leave myself plenty of time to arrive early so I can settle in and prepare myself.  The last thing I want to do is arrive at your venue at the eleventh hour dripping in sweat all hot and bothered! (Erase that mental image!)


I think it’s because some of them have a swimming certificate at home.  Some magicians do have some very prestigious awards indeed.  It is best to ask the magician to clarify what their award is for.


Yes I can.  Though not the specific week that they are due!!


Sorry, but she’s already asked me the same thing about you!

Micro Magic & Parlour Magic

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Based in Gloucestershire, Andy enjoys travelling and performing close up magic all over the UK, Andy enjoys nothing more that supporting events such as weddings, parties and events with his superb magic skills and playing his part to make it a truly successful and memorable event for all concerned.