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My Thoughts on TV Street Magicians

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When I was a kid I liked to watch magicians like Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson and Paul Zenon. Back then there was no internet and I had no money to buy tricks so if I wanted to find new tricks to perform I had to watch these guys and see if I could work out what they were doing.

Street Magic / Andy Field

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Street Magic / Andy Field
Gloucester Docks Magician

I really enjoy performing street magic. It takes a lot of nerve to approach stranger on the street and ask them if they would like to see some close up magic! They are usually a little wary because they do not know who I am am or what I want.

My Routine Construction (For Magicians)

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My Routine Construction (For Magicians)
Andy Field

My Basic Routine Construction:

A lot of magicians will not agree 100% with this post but it works for me and so this is why I use it.

Routine construction basically means what effects you do and the order you do them in.

Most professional magicians will tell you that you should start with a good strong opening effect and then each trick that follows must be stronger than the proceeding one until you finally finish with your strongest effect.

There is nothing wrong with this. However, I have two rules that work well for me. My first rule is that ALL my effects must be KILLER effects. No trick is stronger or weaker than another. The only difference is that the length of the effects may get longer or shorter as I proceed into my act but having said that there is always something magical happening every 30 or so seconds.

My second rule is that I must have variety. I may do two card tricks, then a coin trick then borrow an item of jewellery or some money. This variety keeps things interesting. I don’t worry about trying to link effects with a “theme”. For example, I just go from a card effect to a coin effect.

I know that my effects are very strong so all I have to do is keep my audience entertained and I know that they will enjoy all that I do for them, very very much.

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