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Mix and mingle magic at The Hyde In Herefordshire

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Mix and mingle magic at The Hyde In Herefordshire
Hyde Cottage

So far I have performed three times at the Hyde this year for private party events. Generally most clients like me to perform some mix and mingle magic during drinks before dining and then maybe another short performance between the starter and main courses. I always create a really cool and amazing atmosphere with my magic and it does create a great mood and gets everyone in a chatty and happy mood as they try and unravel the miracles that I have performed before their very eyes.

My Thoughts on TV Street Magicians

by Magician 3 Comments

When I was a kid I liked to watch magicians like Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson and Paul Zenon. Back then there was no internet and I had no money to buy tricks so if I wanted to find new tricks to perform I had to watch these guys and see if I could work out what they were doing.

Street Magic / Andy Field

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Street Magic / Andy Field
Gloucester Docks Magician

I really enjoy performing street magic. It takes a lot of nerve to approach stranger on the street and ask them if they would like to see some close up magic! They are usually a little wary because they do not know who I am am or what I want.