Are all magicians good?

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Are all magicians good?

One of the first questions a client or customer asks me is “how much for your services?”

Very few turn around and ask what quality of service can I provide? How good are you? How reliable and experienced are you? Can you provide customer references? I think this is a common misconception with the public that all magicians are all the same so it is just as well to find the cheapest artist for their event.


Sadly this is not true. Have you ever walked out of a shop thinking to yourself that the service there was not very good or even worse, really bad? The main problem a client has when hiring a magician for their wedding, party or event is that this is something they do not do on a regular basis. Combined with the fact that there are many to choose from out there also adds to the confusion as to which one to hire. All those nice shiny websites all look so good.

Magician fees

This is one reason why one magician may charge a higher fee than another, especially a professional. You are not paying for some guy to come along and do a trick. You are paying for a very experienced entertainer who has honed his act in over a number of years. A person who is well groomed and confident. Someone who not only has practiced for thousands of hours to be as good as they are but also someone who is good with mixing and handling people and is a great entertainer. Someone who is reliable and professional at all times and situations. A craftsman in their art.

Finding an excellent magician

The best way is for a friend to recommend a magician via word of mouth. However, this may not always be possible. So, the next best way is to go to the magician’s website. A very good way to tell is to watch the magician perform. You are looking to find a video of the magician in action performing magic to a real audience and have them fully engaged in his act and reacting positively. Video clips like this are very difficult for even a professional magician to obtain. For an amateur it is virtually impossible. They do not have the booking opportunities, the skill or experience to create a strong act. Having it filmed is also an art and another challenge in itself.

Using social media

Another way to tell is to see if the magician has a Facebook page. For example mine is . Again look for videos or even pictures can speak a thousand words. If there are pictures and posts of the magician performing to people who are smiling and laughing then this too is a good sign that the magician is working, popular, experienced and their magic can entertain.

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