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Magician In Portsmouth

Professional close up magician in Portsmouth and Gosport available for weddings, parties and events.

Andy can also perform at your Portsmouth wedding using his close up magic to engage with your guests and keep them thoroughly entertained during any lull waiting around moments at your wedding such as during the photo call, in between the wedding breakfast servings or the start of the evening reception.  Andy can mix and mingle raising your wedding atmosphere using his years of experience professionally and appropriately any time, any place any where.

Andy Field is in great demand as a magical party entertainer.  Let him break the ice at your next party too and get your guests bonding and laughing together.  Let your party stand aside from all the others and be the talk of the solent!

Andy has also amazed people with his sleight of hand at anniversary parties, Balls, Banquets, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings and corporate events.

Magician For Weddings In Portsmouth

Professional magician Andy Field is a master of sleight-of-hand magic. Using regular cards but “trick hands” he will perform magic card illusions of world class status that are simply outstanding right under the noses of your soon to be stunned guests!

Using slick and polished magical sleight-of-hand skills of twenty years combined with his powerful and thoroughly entertaining presentations he will give the audience of any wedding, party or event a magic performance they will not forget!

After welcoming and relaxing your guests with some ice breaking close up magic he will then take them on a roller-coaster ride of thrilling emotions starting from fun and amazement and ending up leaving them with a feeling of pure euphoria! Your guests will be left speechless with amazement due to Andy Field’s amazing and jaw dropping close up magic sleight-of-hand skills! Magic that’s once seen and never forgotten!

For Parties

Andy is a full time professional sleight of hand magician. He has been S.A.M’s Magic Champion twice and is also a magic and technical advisor on television programs as well as a professional wedding and party magician.

Wedding and party magician Andy Field performs magic all around the UK. He is the people’s choice for weddings, parties and events. Using just a normal deck of cards, but his trick hands, he will perform some of the world’s most breathtaking magic illusions right under your nose!

However, be under no illusion, these are not the kind of magic card demonstrations you would have seen your uncle perform when you were younger. Some of Andy Field’s routines have taken months, even years to perfect. To this day Andy must still practice two hours a day to maintain his high standard of card mastery.

Close Up Magic Tutoring

Are you looking to learn or to improve your magic? If so then Andy Field could be the magical mentor and coach you are looking for. Andy himself has been mentored and coached by some of the worlds best card magicians and can now pass this precious information onto any of his students in a clear and concise way.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or average magician Andy can help you to improve and motivate you in the direction you wish to progress.


Dear Andy – Thank you for helping us celebrate our special day. Everyone said how much they enjoyed your close up magic. We loved it!

Jeremy & Lisa Gosport


Andy Field is a professional wedding, party and corporate magician based close by to Coventry. His skills have been used by the BBC for their “Hustle” drama production and he has been S.A.M.S. Close up Magic Champion on two separate occasions.

Andy has a normal down to earth persona.  However his magical skills are not normal! His magic will entertain and blow your guests away and will linger in their memories for many years!

He has a playful and engaging personality complete with all the sleight of hand skills to match.  His act is strong, entertaining and original not to mention mind blowing!  He is committed to making your Coventry wedding, party or event as much of a success as you are.  This is because he wants to enjoy your event too!

You can read what previous clients have to say regarding his magic services on his Facebook review page here…


Coventry Wedding Magician

Andy is very experienced at interacting with people from all walks of life.  He can make them feel very welcome, happy and relaxed.  This is important for any wedding, party or corporate event.  Consider that a good atmosphere is conducive to a successful event.

His walk around close up magic is very strong and original.  Much of his sleight of hand illusions are created by him making them original and unexpected.  During his act you will see him use playing cards and coins.  However, to add variety and flavour to his act he also uses paper money, jewellery, phones, rope, dice and also borrows personal effects from his audience.  Andy also supplies mind reading.  Would you like him to tell you a four digit number or the name of an old flame?

Andy’s magic skills have amassed over five million on line views.  You can see a selection of his magic featuring studio and live performances on his Facebook page here…


Andy has over five million YouTube views. Check him out!

Maximum impact. Maximum entertainment. Why should my audience settle for less?


There is no doubt that Andy’s outstanding interlude of magical entertainment will amaze your guests.  The only decision now is when to have him perform.


This is a very good time to have Andy break the ice and walk around and mingle with your guests performing.

Wedding reception CV


Andy has performed all over Coventry at evening receptions or room changes.  This is also an ice breaker for your day and evening guests which also has the benefit of everyone witnessing Andy’s tricks.


Andy can also perform magic at each table during the food.  This way each table receives its own private performance.  He will only perform at moments when people are not trying to physically eat.

Party entertainment

Andy would jump at the chance to entertain your family and friends at any special event or occasion. This also included corporate events all well as birthday parties and weddings.

More of Andy’s videos videos can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pg/andyfieldmagician/videos/?ref=page_internal so go check him out.

If you wish to book them please do get in touch.  He would be delighted to hear from you.  If you have any special requests for your event then even better.

A great magician is not cheap.  But a cheap magician is not great”.

Wedding Magician Leeds

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My name is Andy Field and I am an experienced full time magician who performs close up walk around magic around Leeds.  This week I was delighted to be invited to perform my close up magic at The Queens Hotel in the centre of the city.

The Queens Leeds

Leeds Close up Magician

The brides and groom hire me to entertain their family and friends during their wedding day. I walk around mixing and mingling with guests and blow their minds with amazing magical sleight of hand illusions.  I also supply mind reading!

Magic during the Drinks Reception

This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day to entertain.  I visit groups of people and give them their own private magic performance.  I specialize in playing card magic.  However, I also perform with coins, paper money, jewellery, borrowed objects and mobile phones. I can also tell you the name of the first person you kissed if you dare me to read your thoughts!

Magic and the Photo Call

Magician in Leeds

This is also another great time to have magical entertainment.  While your family and friends are waiting around to have their pictures taken I can step in and entertain.  If they end up looking extra happy on the pictures then you will know why!

Having a Talk

If a client or customer wishes to meet up with me then I am more than happy to do this.  They may want to sample my skills and personality before booking me.  Or perhaps they want to make sure I am real and not just an illusion!

On occasions it is very difficult to meet up if a client is based outside of Leeds.  This however is not a problem if they have a social media account such as Facebook.  We can always meet and talk in real time.  I can even read minds on line if you wish!  How many people can say they have experience that!

Booking a Magician for Your Leeds Wedding

I make the booking process very easy.  Supply me with the details to your wedding, party or event and secure me with a deposit.  If you venue asks for my insurance then this is no problem.  I have full PLI.


If you are looking for some dazzling close up walk around magic to dazzle and delight your family and friends then please remember that it is not just weddings I perform at.  I can perform all around Leeds at parties, anniversaries, birthday events, corporate events or just about any social event where there will be a group of people!

Close Up Magician at Wortley Hall Sheffield

As a professional wedding magician I am very lucky to be invited to some wonder venues to perform my close up magic. Brides and Grooms hire me to entertain their guests.

Facebook reviews, pictures and videos

Magician in Sheffield

Jenny and Paul has seen me perform my magic a few years back at a friend’s wedding near Sheffield and had very much enjoyed watching my act.  Back then I was hired to entertain while the venue turned the room around in preparation for the evening reception.

Many of their friends had also commented how impressed they were so Jenny emailed me to discuss having me entertain at Wortley Hall in Sheffield on their special day.

Wortley Hall Sheffield

Walk Around Magic in Sheffield

Jenny told me her father was a big fan of Derren Brown.  She asked if I would I be able to do some mind reading?  Absolutely!

To make my close up magic even more interesting and entertaining I vary the magic I do.  For example I perform sleight of hand with playing cards and coins but I also use mobile phones, borrowed items and paper money as well.

Magic During The Photo Call

I asked Jenny and Paul to think about when they would like me to perform my magic during their wedding day.

I gave them a few suggestions. During the photo call is a really good time.  This stops people from getting bored while they wait for their picture to be taken.  I can start and stop performing right away as people come and go to have their shots taken.  Jenny and Paul liked the sound of this and went with this option.

I can also perform during room changes, arrival drinks, during the evening reception and the wedding breakfast in between the food servings.

Very Experienced Wedding Magician

I have been a professional wedding magician for many years now.  My magic is very strong and entertaining.  I also mix and communicate very well with people.  I also offer a very large selection of magic.

Due to this large selection of material I able to let people choose they style of magic that I can perform at their wedding from my video library from my Facebook page.  This page also allows them to see pictures of me performing at other events and also read previous client reviews.

Special Magic Trick

Jenny had watched a video of me performing some magic with two Polo mints.  She really thought it was very cool and asked me if I could perform it for them.  No problem!  I gave them each a separate polo mint and brought their hands together.  A few seconds later they separated them and lo and behold the two mints had joined together in their own hands!  A little like two separate people joining together on a wedding day! Either way it resulted in a very interesting and original wedding keepsake indeed!


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So your planning an event and have decided to spice things up with a magician! Excellent! Well, all you have to do now is make sure you get a quality act. An experienced magician with slick sleight of hand skills who is a solid entertainer! Someone who can dazzle and delight your family and friends! With so many magicians to choose from this will be easy right? – Not quite.

Unlike tradesmen magicians are not industry checked. This means anyone can call themselves a “Professional Magician”.

So how do you ensure a quality act? You biggest clue is to search a magicians social media. You are looking for pictures and videos of the magician in question performing. These are very hard to obtain and very difficult to fake which makes them an asset for both you and the entertainer.

A top flight magician will have pictures of themselves performing at events in abundance. They will also have lots of video clips of themselves in action with guests really enjoying the magic. A professional magician will be more than happy to show off their port folio to any potential client. Non-professional magicians will hardly have videos or pictures like this to promote themselves with.

You can also ask to meet the magician in person, ask if they are a member of the Magic Circle, ask him to supply references from previous customers and also ask family and friends to recommend an act.
Always ensure you hire a professional.


Are all magicians good?

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Are all magicians good?

One of the first questions a client or customer asks me is “how much for your services?”

Very few turn around and ask what quality of service can I provide? How good are you? How reliable and experienced are you? Can you provide customer references? I think this is a common misconception with the public that all magicians are all the same so it is just as well to find the cheapest artist for their event.


Sadly this is not true. Have you ever walked out of a shop thinking to yourself that the service there was not very good or even worse, really bad? The main problem a client has when hiring a magician for their wedding, party or event is that this is something they do not do on a regular basis. Combined with the fact that there are many to choose from out there also adds to the confusion as to which one to hire. All those nice shiny websites all look so good.

Magician fees

This is one reason why one magician may charge a higher fee than another, especially a professional. You are not paying for some guy to come along and do a trick. You are paying for a very experienced entertainer who has honed his act in over a number of years. A person who is well groomed and confident. Someone who not only has practiced for thousands of hours to be as good as they are but also someone who is good with mixing and handling people and is a great entertainer. Someone who is reliable and professional at all times and situations. A craftsman in their art.

Finding an excellent magician

The best way is for a friend to recommend a magician via word of mouth. However, this may not always be possible. So, the next best way is to go to the magician’s website. A very good way to tell is to watch the magician perform. You are looking to find a video of the magician in action performing magic to a real audience and have them fully engaged in his act and reacting positively. Video clips like this are very difficult for even a professional magician to obtain. For an amateur it is virtually impossible. They do not have the booking opportunities, the skill or experience to create a strong act. Having it filmed is also an art and another challenge in itself.

Using social media

Another way to tell is to see if the magician has a Facebook page. For example mine is https://www.facebook.com/andyfieldmagician/ . Again look for videos or even pictures can speak a thousand words. If there are pictures and posts of the magician performing to people who are smiling and laughing then this too is a good sign that the magician is working, popular, experienced and their magic can entertain.


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Stonehouse Court Wedding MagicianAs a working professional magician I get to meet thousands of people over the year.  Every now and then people will request a trick from me.  Can you do the one where a card sticks to a ceiling or the cards change into glass they will ask?  I know the only reason they request these tricks is because they have seen other magicians perform them which is why I create my own magic.  Magic is 50% surprise.  So, if they know what is going to happen it will not be as effective.  It’s a bit like having heard a joke before.  It’s not so strong second time around.

Stonehouse Court Hotel

However, having said that there is one trick I do perform that people have heard of and do ask for on occasions as it is infamous and has a reputation.  The trick is called Three Card Monte.  Steve, a friend who booked me for his friend’s wedding at Stonehouse Court asked me to perform it.  So, we all crowded into the newly decorated Stonehouse Court bar to watch me perform the scam.


Three-card Monte is also known as Find the Lady.  The Mark or victim is tricked into betting money by where they have to try and find the odd card out among the three face-down cards.  This is a short scam con where the Mark has no chance of winning against an experienced con artist.   The scam came into play in around the 15th century.


The game is very simple to which adds to its appeal and addiction.  The Operator put three cards face-down on a surface.  This is usually nothing fancy like a cardboard box so if needed a quick getaway can be made.  A target or odd card is made know to the Mark and they have to bet money on which of the three cards they think it is after they have been shuffled and mixed around face down.  If they guess correct they win their money back plus profit.  If not, then they lose.


Three-Card Monte scam is generally operated by a team.  From a look out guy to other pretend players, known as “shills” they are all put in place to encourage a Mark to bet their money.  A good team will all work well together and know how to play the Mark to encourage him to bet by reading the type of person his is and then play against this to get the money.  Other shills may talk to him and play mind games with him or another shill may be seen by the Mark to be winning money.  The team will use many techniques to build the Marks confidence up and have him believe he can win and get him caught up in the scam.


One of the classic sucker ploys in The-Card Monte is the bend corner scam.  The team use this if they find a really good sucker who likes to keep betting, or someone who is a little reserved about betting.  Either way it is designed to get the money.  Basically during play the money card will have its corner bent by the Dealer who pretends not to notice.  The Mark, now convinced more than ever they know where the winning card is, will bet.  Of course, they will still loose.  During play the Dealer will un-bend the winning card and bend the corner on a losing card.


Most of the time when I perform my close up magic at weddings, parties and corporate events people are usually generally pleased and really excited at the thought of seeing some amazing jaw dropping magic and being entertained.


However, on occasions there are a few people who can get a little defensive.  They seem wary that I am going to be a very bad cheesy act.  Most people know what a magician is but very few get to see one work live and close up.  Some magicians are not very good so it could be that they recently saw a very bad magic act and expect me to be just the same.

Sometimes it can go deeper than this.  People may have some preconceived notion that I am going to try and steal their money, make them look silly or try and get cheap laughs by embarrassing them in front of their friends.  Maybe they think I’m also going to be cocky and big headed and will say look what I can do and you can’t!

Charlotte Emily


Cheap amateur magic acts will do this.  However, a professional magician will not.  Personally speaking all I want to do is to entertain and give my audience an evening to remember with some amazing magic.  I may make a few jokes but never at your or your friend’s expense.  I do not want to you to feel awkward or embarrassed but relaxed and happy!


Experienced and confident magicians have good social and people skills as well as being excellent magicians. We know that unless you like us you will not like our magic.  We also know that if you do like us and feel relaxed in our company then you will join in our show and come along for the ride and experience the joy and wonder of our amazing magic!


Magicians vary in price for a reason.  No qualifications are needed to be a magician and there are no real governing bodies as there are with a plumber or electrician. You need to be very careful and check your magician before you hire them.  Make sure you get a solid and professional magic act rather than a cheap amateur act.  You will be so glad you did as it can either make or break your event.

This is exactly what Wendy did when she looked for a magician to entertain for her husband’s 60th party celebrations at Beaufort Park in Mold, Flintshire. She looked at my website www.andyfield.info and read my testimonials and watched my promotional videos before deciding to book me.


Try and look for a magician who has lots of pictures and videos of them performing.   You are looking for clips of the magician performing and getting positive reactions from the audience.  This shows that they are a working magician and they can entertain and amaze their audience.  Try and avoid videos that have lots of pointless video editing that do not show much magic.

Try and find out if the magician is a working professional or just a hobbyist who does magic “on the side”.  Look at the magician’s website and you will find out how experienced they are.  Do not be too hung up on the magicians travel expenses.  These are usually minimal.  Remember, you are paying for how good they are and not their petrol.

Wedding Magician Performs At The Old Palace Hatfield House

Holly and Jonathan recently hired a magician to perform amazing magic during their wedding in the gardens of The Old Palace at Hatfield House.  I had the pleasure of being that magician!

Wedding Magician Hatfield

This is an amazing building!  The Old Palace, which is next to Hatfield House itself, was built in 1845 by the Bishop of Ely John Morton.  It is one of the foremost examples of medieval brickwork in the country and originally formed a quadrangle around a central courtyard.  The remaining wing contains the banqueting hall where the wedding breakfasts are now served.

Henry Viii acquired the Palace from the Bishop of Ely in around 1538 and used it as a nursery for his three children.  It is with Elizabeth that the palace is most associated.  She had her childhood here and shared in her brother Edward’s education.  Things changed for Elizabeth when Queen Mary came to the throne in 1553.  Mary feared her enemies might try to place her protestant sister on the throne so Elizabeth was kept under house arrest at Hatfield House.

In 1558 Elizabeth was sitting under an oak tree in the gardens when she learned she was to become Queen.  These days The Old Palace, or what is left of it, can be used for private banquets, parties, wedding ceremonies and other functions.

Magic During The Drinks Reception In The Old Palace Gardens

DSCN3095aThis is where I come in.  I was booked on recommendation from another wedding to entertain the guests in The Old Palace Gardens as Holly and Jonathan had their wedding pictures taken.  What a magnificent garden it is and it leads directly out from the Banqueting Hall.  It features a mini maze and is totally private from the rest of the estate.  The back end of the garden is raised higher up and this is where most guests prefer to mingle as the high hedges offer shade from the sun.

It was a beautiful summer’s day and I mixed and mingled with the wedding guests performing my magic and entertaining everybody.  Initially, I was booked as a surprise but eventually word got around who I was and eventually people were requesting that I go over to perform for them.

Magic During The Wedding Breakfast

DSCN3088Towards the end of my performance all the guests were called back into the Banqueting Hall for food.  This part of the wedding is called the Wedding Breakfast.  I have often wondered why it is called a breakfast when it is mid-afternoon but apparently it’s because it is the first meal the Bride and Groom have as man and wife.

As the guests are seated and settled the Usher then introduced the newly-wed couple into the Hall as man and wife for the first time to the cheers and applause of their family and friends and they are seated at the head table.  The final part of my performance was to perform some magic to Holly and Johnathan.  Sometimes this is not easy to do as the Bride and Groom are usually very busy and can be difficult to get near.

Mind Blowing Magic

DSCN3085Luckily on this occasion this was not the case as Holly and Jonathan are big magic fans.  I have several magic effects that I perform exclusively for the Bride and Groom and the head Table.  I performed a card trick effect of mine called The Fourth Dimension and I know these two will remember it for a very long time!  As Holly and Johnathan were seated at the Head Table I performed opposite them.  I had Jonathan select a card.  A corner of the card was torn away and given to Holly to hold.  The remainder of the card was then vanished from my bare hands in a puff of smoke and instantly reappeared right underneath Johnathan on his chair! – A reputation making effect and one that secures me more bookings!

Altogether The Old Palace at Hatfield House is wonderful wedding venue and it was another wonderful day for me as a wedding magician.  I am really am very lucky to be invited to such amazing venues and perform my magic.  That must be magic itself!


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This week I have performed at three weddings.  I have performed my wedding magic around London and Swindon but Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire was my favourite venue.


Sometimes as a visitor to a hotel or venue where the Bride and Groom have booked me to perform at their wedding celebrations the management can sometimes be a little unfriendly.  This is because they are not going to make any money from me and see me as an inconvenience.  Therefore they see no reason to treat me with any help or courtesy.  However, if this happens, I gently remind them that their customers are also my customers and I have been invited by them to perform at their wedding.  I also remind them that I know their staff name and can very easily write a review about their services on Google Plus and post is on line for all to see.  Then email the link to their General Manager to ensure he sees it too!  Amazing their attitude suddenly changes.  It must be magic!


However, at Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire, this is just not necessary.  The staff are really friendly and genuine.  All the way from receptionist Ezy, to the Food and Beverage manageress Erin, up to up to the General Manager David Chambers.

Stanton Manor itself is a classical country manor house and hotel but with contemporary designs.  The magnificent gardens themselves were designed as far back in the eighteenth century by Gertrude Jekyll and they overlook Stanton Lake and Park.  The manor is three stars but seems more.

Anyone booking the venue for their event will have the whole building exclusively to themselves, which is cool.  Weddings breakfasts are served in the marque in the gardens and there are plenty of exceptional locations and views to take advantage of for the all-important wedding pictures.


On this occasion the Bride’s father and mother John and Shelly had seen me perform my magic recently at a previous function and decided to book me on the spot as a wedding present for their daughter Ceri and her husband Alex.  My performance on this occasion was to walk around and entertain one hundred and twenty people as they mingled around the house and its gardens after the wedding breakfast. This is one of my favourite times to entertain at a wedding because at this point everyone has had something to eat and drink and are well and truly relaxed and settled in.  Plus, at this point the Bride and Groom have now been married and all wedding day nerves have vanished.


ErinCeri’s father John is a big magic fan.  He asked me to perform a signature effect of mine using some Polo mints!  Basically two separate Polo mints are shown and then linked together in a heartbeat in the hands of the Bride and Groom.  Basically, it’s about two becoming one, just like two separate people getting married and joining together. The mints can then be instantly handed out and kept as a souvenir.  You see, not all magicians do card tricks!  Having said that, I still performed several of my other feature effects that do use cards! The Fourth Dimension and The Floating Card being two of them.

I always feel that if a wedding party is fortunate enough to be able to hire a venue and use it privately then this is a big advantage.  The public are kept out allowing all the guests to enjoy the benefits of the venue exclusively for themselves.

I spent around two hours entertain the Bride and Grooms family and friends and had a marvellous evening.  Definitely a wedding I will certainly remember for a very long time.