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Polo Trick Performed By Andy Field Magician

This POLO TRICK is my pocket version to the Chinese Linking Rings which I perform here at a wedding but can also be used as a street magic trick. What is strong with this version is the linking happens in the hands of the marks and they can immediately inspect the mints and keep them.

This version of the Linking Polo Mints is my own method. It is basically an updated version of the street magic version that I created last year but with a few changes that I feel help improve it all round. I hope you like it. I think it’s a “cool” trick!!!!

I first noticed a very unusual property of the polo mint that helps to make this trick possible. Many years went by before I remembered this little secret and created the final effect.

DID YOU KNOW : Polo mints were developed by Rowntree’s in 1939, similar to the US confectionary Life Savers and the British Navy Sweets but their introduction to the market was delayed until 1947 by the onset of the Second World War. Polo is still Britain’s best-selling mint brand with approximately 38 million mints produced every day and an average of one hundred and fifty Polos eaten every second.

Sweet Street Magic Effect

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Being a professional wedding and party entertainer I do not perform much street magic these days but every now and again if I want to test or adjust something in my act such as a trick, the patter or misdirection I will hit the streets and have some fun.

Impossible Card Trick I The Fourth Dimension

Andy Field Performs The Fourth Dimension

This street magic card trick effect is called “The Fourth Dimension” and is created by Oxford magician Andy Field. It can be performed under the most unusual of conditions.

About The Fourth Dimension

A signed playing card vanishes at the hands of the magician and instantly appears in a wine glass on the other side of the room, or in another room or area, well away from any other people. The card can be removed from the glass by a spectator themselves and the signature verified.

The glass is never touched by the magician and the effect uses no confederates or stooges. The card travels via the Fourth Dimension!

So, it must be real magic!!!

This was performed live at the Manchester College in Oxford, Oxfordshire.