The great news is you have decided to book a close up magician or table magician or wedding magician to perform at your event. Andy Field knows that most people do not book a magician on a day to day basis so how do you know you are going to get a great magical performer and entertainer who is going to make your party special? Last thing you want is a magician who is not very competent. Here are some tips to consider when booking:

The first concern people have when they book an entertainer is not how good they are, that comes second. Usually, the first concern is how reliable and trustworthy that person may be. Will they do something to embarrass the host in front of their guests. Magician Andy Field to this day has never been late for a booking or failed to turn up. Andy works very hard to make sure your event runs smoothly and effortlessly.  He generally arrives at all venues around sixty minutes in advance to avoid delays and to also allow him to settle in and prepare for your event.

Photos: Make sure there are lots of pictures of the magician performing and RECEIVING a positive reaction from his audience on their website. (See my gallery page).  A picture speaks a thousand words.

Videos: This is a great way to check out the magician you are thinking about booking. This is your chance to see for real how the audience reacts to their magic. If they are having a great time on camera then this is a good indicator for you. Check out the videos throughout my website and on this page.  Most professionals use a promotional video to help sell their act which is why you should question the magician if he does not have one.

Another reason you should look for a good Promotional video is that they are very hard to fake.  It takes a lot of work and money to produce a good video so again it is a good sign that the magician is a professional.  Look for videos that show the magician working in a crowd performing some magic with people laughing and enjoying his act as opposed to just shots of the magician just shuffling cards to a camera.  This is easy to fake as most people have a video camera these days.

Media: If the magician has no photos or videos then this could be a bad sign. Generally it indicates that they are not good enough to get regular bookings and therefore do not have the opportunity to take pictures or film video footage of their performances. This suggests that they are not professional and also have little experience.  It could mean that they are not very good at entertaining either and do not want you to see!

Meet The Magician: This is a great way to find out if the magician you plan to hire is professional and competent and give you peace of mind. In Andy Field’s case he regularly performs magic at restaurants and hotels all over Gloucestershire and so is very easy to find. He would welcome the chance to demonstrate his sleight of hand magic for your perusal if requested.

Professional: Most magicians claim on their website’s that they are “award winning”. How can there be so many “professional award winning” magicians out there! The answer is most magic clubs have little competitions and so the winners can call rightfully themselves award winning magicians. A professional magician can tell you what his award actually means and its kudos. In my case I have won the Scottish Association of Magical Societies (S.A.M.S.) Competition which is a major competition on two separate occasions. This Scottish Award is similar to The British IBM Championships, another major magic competition entered by magicians.

I also work five restaurants and hotels in Gloucestershire on a weekly basis and perform all over the midlands at weddings, parties and events so I am seen by hundreds of people. I have also acted as a gambling consultant and Hand Double for the BBC television drama “Hustle”. Magic makes up about 95% of my life and I have been practicing it for over twenty five years. I have also been mentored by some of the worlds finest card magicians.

Watchdog: Be advised that there is no governing body to vouch for magicians. There is “The Magic Circle” but they are not a governing body. Anyone can claim to be a professional magician.

Strong Magic: It is so important to get a professional magician to perform at your event, party, wedding or function. They will give you a show and experience you will not believe! If you hire a bad magician then unfortunately the opposite will happen and your event could be ruined. The magician may embarrass both you and your guests. Cowboy performers like this give the real professionals a bad image.

The Fee: In other words how much? This is not a one word answer because the cost is affected and determined by various variables. For example how far will magician Andy Field need to travel.  This is not a cost issue but a time issue, he may want to fit another performance in on the same day.  Also how long will the customer need Andy to perform and how many people will be at the event.

Remember you obtained the venue you wanted, the photographer and your food all to a high standard so why let your big day down with a budget entertaining magician?

The best thing is to contact Andy Field for a quote. This will also be your chance to also discus any special needs you may have for you big day. Andy Field will be delighted to help you.