Are you looking to learn or to improve your magic? If so then Andy Field could be the magical mentor and coach you are looking for. Andy himself has been mentored and coached by some of the worlds best card magicians and can now pass this precious information onto any of his students in a clear and concise way.

Magic Tutoring

It does not matter if you are a beginner or average magician Andy can help you to improve and motivate you in the direction you wish to progress.

Most magicians join clubs which is a good place to start but for those looking for that little bit extra then a professional magician offering personal tuition is both time and money saving. Learning to do things correctly and pick up good habits right from the start is paramount if you wish to become a strong magician. Do not become good at practice bad habits!

Magic tuition is available for one to one or with groups such as schools.  Andy can cover topics such as sleights, moves, presentations, routine construction, rhythm, pacing, misdirection, audience attention control, getting shows, confidence tips, motivation tips, performing tips, approaching people at venues, conduct at shows and much more.  Basically anything you wish to learn about magic Andy can teach you.

Andy Field has been Magical Champion of Scotland twice and is a Hand Double and consultant for the BBC drama “Hustle”. He also has the number one UK magic channel on YouTube with well over 140,000 subscribers and 5 million video views.

Andy working on the set of the BBC drama “Hustle”