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Professional magicians frequently get approached to perform at charity events and I am no exception.  People know that using the right professional magician can really add a WOW factor to their evening and event.  Many requests I get come at the last minute because their magician has let them down.  So why has this happened?


The main reason is because they booked a magician for free who is not a professional.  It did say professional on the magicians website but more often than not the magician turns out to be an amateur or even worse someone who “Does magic on the side”  (I am not a fan of this expression.  For example, if you needed an operation would you ask someone who does operations “On the side” to perform it?)  OK, hiring a magical entertainer is not a serious as having an operation, but for your event I assume you would want a really good and reliable polished performer and not a cheesy act who will let you down?  Or even worse, someone who insults your guests and tortures them with bad magic.


When the charity organiser calls their “professional” magician he agreed to do the event during a nice sunny afternoon but come the night of the event it is a dark, cold and raining Saturday night.  So the “professional” magician decided that taking all this into account now, and since he is not being paid has now gone right off the idea of turning up.  A quick call to the event organiser offering an excuse, usually “a family emergency has come” and now the organiser has now been let down.  So why didn’t the charity hire a full time professional magician in the first place?

Ah…….Well, the reasons are that charities like their magician for free but unfortunately true professional magicians need paying because they have debts just like everyone else and they are not cheap, especially the good ones.  The charities are unable or do not want to give up their fund raised money and true professional magicians are unable or do not want to work to fee.  Giving up one Saturday night is in effect giving up a whole week’s wage for a magician.

However, charities know this and so they offer the magician incentives like giving out his business cards and promotion details for free at said event.  Unfortunately, magicians do this all the time for FREE at events that they get PAID to attend so this is not much of a selling point.  Also, telling a magician that there is media coverage at the event will not be much use to them either.  If the press do decide to publish an article the best that the magician can hope is one line that says “And there was a magician too” – again not much use.

So, since charities do not want to give their profits away in hiring a magician and since the close up magician needs some money for their attendance then very often charities do not end up booking a professional magician.  What a shame.  If only there was another option.  Maybe there is……


Snapshot 1 (12-02-2016 15-42)As far as I know I am the only professional UK magician who offers the following service to charities.
I take a fee to secure my services.  This will be an affordable rate, much lower than my regular fee, which will be agreed between myself and the charity and will be determined by factors such as how many people will be attending the event, how far I have to travel and how long I will be performing.

Once there I will spend all my time performing great magic but I will be working on collecting as much money for the charity as I can.  Most people know that when they go to a charity event they will be asked to contribute so it will not come as a surprise to them.  They will get their own private magic performance and I have my own way of charming and collecting paper money to give to the charity.  I can work all evening, even to a noisy disco as I can do an act in mime.  As long as it is not dark and people can still see what I am doing.

At the end of the night the money collected will either be split 50 / 50 between myself and the charity or the whole amount will be donated, again depending on what myself and the charity have agreed.

The advantages are that the charity will get a reliable full time professional magician to support their event and I will get a fee.  The best part is that the money I collect will pay for my performance fee and give the charity a profit.

To discuss your charity event with me then please contact me


Hi Andy,

Firstly Jessica and I would just like to thank you for attending our event on Saturday 17th January 2015. The comments and compliments continued to flow, long after you had left from everyone saying just how fab you were. Thank you for being one of the highlights of the night – and through your incredible act, we managed to raise a further £200 for Children With Cancer UK. So, once again, thank you so much for being there and we will be sure to recommend you, and keep you in mind for future events!

Kindest Regards,

Thomas and Jessica

Showmen’s Guild Lodge Ladies Night.