Andy Field is a close up magician in London who regularly works and performs in the city.  He entertains with his fantastic magic illusions at events such as wedding magic, party magic and magical entertainment for corporate events or for any event that needs some cool close up or street magic.London wedding magician Andy Field

He has years of experience as a magician and has worked as a hand double and script gambling consultant for the BBC drama “Hustle”.   Andy also has a huge following on YouTube where his channel currently has over 5 million video views.

Why Use Andy As Your Close Up Magician / Street Magic Magician?

  1. Andy is very flexible and can work standing, seated or walking around which means he can go to your guests.
  2. Andy can work at any part of your party or wedding such as during the drinks reception or wedding breakfast.  Plus he can cover lull moments like the photo call or room change while people are waiting around.
  3. He performs strong entertaining magic.

Andy is unique in the respect that he creates a lot of his own illusions, something that a lot of magicians are unable or do not do.  In fact most London magicians perform the same standard tricks like most cabaret singers perform the same songs but with Andy’s magic you are guaranteed to see and experience something not only fantastic but original too.

Andy specialises in close up magic with playing cards using his “Trick Hands” but he also uses borrowed objects such as coins, money, mobile phones, jewellery and even food for interest and variety.

His style is playful, humorous and he has a strong personality.  While performing he will never put people down or make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.   In fact he does the total opposite.  He makes people feel marvellous, happy but most of all thoroughly entertained and amazed with his strong magic.

One of the great things Andy enjoys about performing in London is the atmosphere of the city itself.  He also finds it easy and affordable to travel around the centre and in and out of the city.  Because his travel is so cost effective he passes these savings onto his customers.  Clients and customers only pay for his magical entertaining skills, experience and professionalism.

Andy has performed around the city of London as such venues as;

  • The AA Club in Pall Mall,
  • The Press Club in Piccadilly
  • Berners Tavern in Soho.

He has also performed at weddings at such venues as;

  • Hendsor House,
  • The Varsity Hotel and Spa,
  • Cams Hall,
  • Botleys Mansion,

One of Andy’s skills in magic is that he can create his own amazing magical illusions.  This is something that not many magicians can do.  His YouTube video illusions have thousands of YouTube views.  Unlike some magicians, who for some reason just want to tell you what they can do Andy is happy to demonstrate his skills.

Check out the video below.

Magician In London, Performing The Best Close Up Magic

Professional close up magician available for weddings, parties and events in London

Close Up Magician For Weddings In London

Professional London magician Andy Field is a master of sleight-of-hand magic. Using regular cards but “trick hands” he will perform magic card illusions of world class status that are simply outstanding right under the noses of your soon to be stunned guests!

Using slick and polished magical sleight-of-hand skills of twenty years combined with his powerful and thoroughly entertaining presentations he will give the audience of any wedding, party or event a magic performance they will not forget!

After welcoming and relaxing your guests with some ice breaking close up magic he will then take them on a roller-coaster ride of thrilling emotions starting from fun and amazement and ending up leaving them with a feeling of pure euphoria! Your guests will be left speechless with amazement due to Andy Field’s amazing and jaw dropping close up magic sleight-of-hand skills! Magic that’s once seen and never forgotten!

Magician For Parties

Andy is a full time professional sleight of hand magic expert. He has been S.A.M’s Magic Champion twice and is also a magic and technical advisor on television programs as well as a professional wedding and party magician.

Wedding and party magician Andy Field performs magic from Gloucester and all around the UK. He is the people’s choice for weddings, parties and events. Using just a normal deck of cards, but his trick hands, he will perform some of the world’s most breathtaking magic illusions right under your nose!

However, be under no illusion, these are not the kind of magic card demonstrations you would have seen your uncle perform when you were younger. Some of Andy Field’s routines have taken months, even years to perfect. To this day Andy must still practice two hours a day to maintain his high standard of card mastery.


Andy you are such a star! Thank you for making our night at the Tooting Tram and Social Club in Broadway a huge success. My sister wants to book you for her wedding next year!

Rachael Marsh, London

To Andy, Just a not to say thank you for the 1st June at Priston Mill. Our guests thought you were fantastic. Everyone was very impressed.

Lauren & James London

Andy, Thank you for you amazing magic at the Gipsy Hill Tavern last night. You were amazing. My friends and family told me that they wanted to keep you there all night! I have your card though so I will definitely be in touch at some point in the future.

Thank you once again Rich Ball, Gipsy Hill, London.

Dear Andy, Let me say what an amazing job and lasting impression you made on our friends last night. When I told my sister we booked you for our wedding she groaned because she hates magicians. But, later on she told us how good she thought you really were.

Thanks once again, Gordon and Tracy, Romada Jarvis Heathrow Cranford London