Magician For Prom Nights

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Recently I had the pleasure of performing my party magic at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

The students of Swansea University were holding their prom night and really wanted some amazing magic to spice their evening up.

The Liberty Stadium worked out to be a perfect venue for them.  Home to Swansea City FC and Ospreys rugby team with seating for 20,500 and a conference and events centre it can easily host the largest of any functions from private to corporate events.

Guests can also walk around the stadium balcony and look over the stadium itself so the views are impressive to.

During the evening my performance consisted of entertaining over one hundred and fifty Swansea University students with my party magic illusions!  I always enjoy performing my magic at prom nights because students are always up for having a great time.  The ladies always look beautiful and the guys look very handsome too!

Magician For Prom Nights

During the evening I visited fifteen tables and performed magic with playing cards making them float and appear and disappear and arriving at impossible locations such as other people’s pockets!  I also performed magic with other items such as mobile phones, rope, jewellery, coins, paper money and even mind reading.

Several students asked me if I could perform tricks that they had seen other wedding and party magicians perform but I explained to them that I make up most of my magic so it is bespoke and original.  I like to show people magic that they have not seen before.

A few days after my performance the gentleman who booked me, Tom Harris, dropped me an email to thank me for attending and he told me how totally amazed everyone was with my magic. He also stated they wanted to book me again for next year.

If you are looking to have some magical entertainment at your wedding, party, corporate event or prom night and would like a few tips on how to make this work and be a success for your event then please contact me by phone or using my CONTACT FORM and I will be happy to help you out.

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