Micro Magic & Parlour Magic

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When wedding and party magician Andy Field performs magic he only has one goal in mind – to ENTERTAIN!

Andy is a full time professional sleight of hand magic expert. He has been S.A.M’s Magic Champion twice and is also a magic and technical advisor on television programs as well as a professional wedding and party magician.

Andy Field performs magic from Gloucester and all around the UK. He is the people’s choice for weddings, parties and events. Using just a normal deck of cards, but his trick hands, he will perform some of the world’s most breathtaking magic illusions right under your nose!

However, be under no illusion, these are not the kind of magic card demonstrations you would have seen your uncle perform when you were younger. Some of Andy Field’s routines have taken months, even years to perfect. To this day Andy must still practice two hours a day to maintain his high standard of card mastery.

Based in Gloucestershire, Andy enjoys travelling and performing close up magic all over the UK, Andy enjoys nothing more that supporting events such as weddings, parties and events with his superb magic skills and playing his part to make it a truly successful and memorable event for all concerned. Andy Field knows the real secret to any successful wedding, party or event lies in creating the perfect atmosphere for guest to unwind and relax in. So, using his strong and powerful sleight of hand magic skills blended with his professional, humorous and charming presentations he will set to work and deliver magic performances that will make the atmosphere come alive at any event and be filled with people laughing, clapping and gasping in amazement and total astonishment! Who wouldn’t want that at their party or wedding!

When not performing magic around the UK at weddings and parties Andy Field can be seen performing magic where he is the resident magician at various hotels and restaurants throughout the UK.

Parlour magic is a term for a magical performance that is very rarely used these days. The modern day equivalent would be close up magician or party magician.

In Victorian times magicians performed to an audience in drawing rooms. The act was larger than modern day close up magic performances but smaller than stage show magic performances, so basically something in between the two.

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