Andy Field is a professional magician based in Gloucestershire who works around the Midlands and beyond performing professional magic at events.

He is an award winning magician who has won The Scottish Association of Magical Societies (S.A.M.S.) competition on two separate occasions. He has also won the John Ramsay Rose Bowl award for his amazing performance of the classic magic effect The Cups and Balls.

He makes his living as a full time magical entertainer who currently entertains customers in five restaurants and hotels which he promotes on a weekly basis. Andy also performs at weddings, parties, anniversaries, events and is extremely well known and a very experienced performer.

Andy Field also works as an advisory consultant and Hand Double for the BBC television drama “Hustle”. Magic makes up about 95% of his life and he has been practising it for over twenty five years. To this day he still practices one to two hours every day.

Magician Andy Field Promotional Video

Please check out Andy Field’s promotional video below. This will give you an idea of the amazing atmosphere he will create at your wedding, party or event to honour you and your guests.

Archived Promo’s

This is a collection of original wedding and street magic effects by Andy.