Diners will come to your restaurant expecting a great night consisting of marvellous food and a great atmosphere. 23

Magician Andy Field can definitely enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant. Using normal cards, but his trick hands, he will entertain and impress you clientèle beyond belief with his magical skills. By ensuring your customers have a great time there is no way they will be able to resist the temptation to return to your restaurant next time they choose to dine out, perhaps even bringing their friends along next time for the marvellous fun too.

Using professional magician Andy Field to entertain your guests is perfect if you need your customers to be entertained while they wait for a table, their meal, their drinks, or any unexpected delays in service. Using a professional magician is an absolute winning decision if you are entertaining a party celebration such as a birthday or anniversary.

All these wonderful entertainment extras can be supplied at a very competitive rate too. The customers always ask Andy for his business card for private events so it is indeed a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the restaurant and magician.

Restaurant Magician Video

What Is Table Magic ?

The expression “Table Magic” means the magic you are watching is performed right under your nose very close up on a table. Andy Field performs his award winning close up table magic so close that sometimes the eyes of the spectators are closer to Andy’s hands than his own! It is usually performed to groups of people at restaurants, banquets, parties and events.

Table Magician

Most people have not seen a professional magician work. Andy’s amazing magic performances mix audience participation, strong magic and fantastic entertainment with lots of fun. Table magic which is also known as close-up-magic, strolling magic and party magic is also very unique because sometimes the magic happens in the hands of the spectators and right up close. A professional magician can be used at almost any event to guarantee your guests a great time and make you, the organiser, look good!

The atmosphere is amazing and the results of being involved can leave a very profound positive effect on people for a long time. Table magic is great for parties, anniversaries, weddings and promoting restaurants.
“Andy, thank you for helping to make our party so wonderful. Everyone enjoyed your amazing close up magic performance and we were still talking about you over lunch the next day. I am sure we will see you again in the future.”

Andy Field also performs magic at weddings, parties, anniversaries, events and restaurants.