What is sleight of hand? Basically this what a magician uses to perform magical happenings and effects. It is also known as close up magic, micro magic, table magic and hand magic. Basically anything performed close to the audience right under their noses.

Andy Field is a professional magician who uses these techniques to give his audience the illusion that the impossible has just taken place!

He mixes strong slights with entertaining dialogue to enhance the emotions of his audience in to believing that they have just witnessed the impossible!

A Top Magician For Any Event You May Be Hosting

Events Magic does what it says on the tin – provide magic for your event.

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Sleight of hand magic; after dinner speaking with a difference; a wedding magician; a trade show magician or magic at tables in a restaurant.

A professional magician will add a touch of class and sophistication to any event; close-up magic is a great ice breaker and gets strangers talking as if they were old friends.

Professional magician Andy Field heads up Events Magic and draws from over twenty years of professional experience to add a touch of magic to your event.