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This week I have performed at three weddings.  I have performed my wedding magic around London and Swindon but Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire was my favourite venue.


Sometimes as a visitor to a hotel or venue where the Bride and Groom have booked me to perform at their wedding celebrations the management can sometimes be a little unfriendly.  This is because they are not going to make any money from me and see me as an inconvenience.  Therefore they see no reason to treat me with any help or courtesy.  However, if this happens, I gently remind them that their customers are also my customers and I have been invited by them to perform at their wedding.  I also remind them that I know their staff name and can very easily write a review about their services on Google Plus and post is on line for all to see.  Then email the link to their General Manager to ensure he sees it too!  Amazing their attitude suddenly changes.  It must be magic!


However, at Stanton Manor in Chippenham Wiltshire, this is just not necessary.  The staff are really friendly and genuine.  All the way from receptionist Ezy, to the Food and Beverage manageress Erin, up to up to the General Manager David Chambers.

Stanton Manor itself is a classical country manor house and hotel but with contemporary designs.  The magnificent gardens themselves were designed as far back in the eighteenth century by Gertrude Jekyll and they overlook Stanton Lake and Park.  The manor is three stars but seems more.

Anyone booking the venue for their event will have the whole building exclusively to themselves, which is cool.  Weddings breakfasts are served in the marque in the gardens and there are plenty of exceptional locations and views to take advantage of for the all-important wedding pictures.


On this occasion the Bride’s father and mother John and Shelly had seen me perform my magic recently at a previous function and decided to book me on the spot as a wedding present for their daughter Ceri and her husband Alex.  My performance on this occasion was to walk around and entertain one hundred and twenty people as they mingled around the house and its gardens after the wedding breakfast. This is one of my favourite times to entertain at a wedding because at this point everyone has had something to eat and drink and are well and truly relaxed and settled in.  Plus, at this point the Bride and Groom have now been married and all wedding day nerves have vanished.


ErinCeri’s father John is a big magic fan.  He asked me to perform a signature effect of mine using some Polo mints!  Basically two separate Polo mints are shown and then linked together in a heartbeat in the hands of the Bride and Groom.  Basically, it’s about two becoming one, just like two separate people getting married and joining together. The mints can then be instantly handed out and kept as a souvenir.  You see, not all magicians do card tricks!  Having said that, I still performed several of my other feature effects that do use cards! The Fourth Dimension and The Floating Card being two of them.

I always feel that if a wedding party is fortunate enough to be able to hire a venue and use it privately then this is a big advantage.  The public are kept out allowing all the guests to enjoy the benefits of the venue exclusively for themselves.

I spent around two hours entertain the Bride and Grooms family and friends and had a marvellous evening.  Definitely a wedding I will certainly remember for a very long time.

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