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So your planning an event and have decided to spice things up with a magician! Excellent! Well, all you have to do now is make sure you get a quality act. An experienced magician with slick sleight of hand skills who is a solid entertainer! Someone who can dazzle and delight your family and friends! With so many magicians to choose from this will be easy right? – Not quite.

Unlike tradesmen magicians are not industry checked. This means anyone can call themselves a “Professional Magician”.

So how do you ensure a quality act? You biggest clue is to search a magicians social media. You are looking for pictures and videos of the magician in question performing. These are very hard to obtain and very difficult to fake which makes them an asset for both you and the entertainer.

A top flight magician will have pictures of themselves performing at events in abundance. They will also have lots of video clips of themselves in action with guests really enjoying the magic. A professional magician will be more than happy to show off their port folio to any potential client. Non-professional magicians will hardly have videos or pictures like this to promote themselves with.

You can also ask to meet the magician in person, ask if they are a member of the Magic Circle, ask him to supply references from previous customers and also ask family and friends to recommend an act.
Always ensure you hire a professional.


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