Most of the time when I perform my close up magic at weddings, parties and corporate events people are usually generally pleased and really excited at the thought of seeing some amazing jaw dropping magic and being entertained.


However, on occasions there are a few people who can get a little defensive.  They seem wary that I am going to be a very bad cheesy act.  Most people know what a magician is but very few get to see one work live and close up.  Some magicians are not very good so it could be that they recently saw a very bad magic act and expect me to be just the same.

Sometimes it can go deeper than this.  People may have some preconceived notion that I am going to try and steal their money, make them look silly or try and get cheap laughs by embarrassing them in front of their friends.  Maybe they think I’m also going to be cocky and big headed and will say look what I can do and you can’t!

Charlotte Emily


Cheap amateur magic acts will do this.  However, a professional magician will not.  Personally speaking all I want to do is to entertain and give my audience an evening to remember with some amazing magic.  I may make a few jokes but never at your or your friend’s expense.  I do not want to you to feel awkward or embarrassed but relaxed and happy!


Experienced and confident magicians have good social and people skills as well as being excellent magicians. We know that unless you like us you will not like our magic.  We also know that if you do like us and feel relaxed in our company then you will join in our show and come along for the ride and experience the joy and wonder of our amazing magic!


Magicians vary in price for a reason.  No qualifications are needed to be a magician and there are no real governing bodies as there are with a plumber or electrician. You need to be very careful and check your magician before you hire them.  Make sure you get a solid and professional magic act rather than a cheap amateur act.  You will be so glad you did as it can either make or break your event.

This is exactly what Wendy did when she looked for a magician to entertain for her husband’s 60th party celebrations at Beaufort Park in Mold, Flintshire. She looked at my website and read my testimonials and watched my promotional videos before deciding to book me.


Try and look for a magician who has lots of pictures and videos of them performing.   You are looking for clips of the magician performing and getting positive reactions from the audience.  This shows that they are a working magician and they can entertain and amaze their audience.  Try and avoid videos that have lots of pointless video editing that do not show much magic.

Try and find out if the magician is a working professional or just a hobbyist who does magic “on the side”.  Look at the magician’s website and you will find out how experienced they are.  Do not be too hung up on the magicians travel expenses.  These are usually minimal.  Remember, you are paying for how good they are and not their petrol.

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