Wedding Magician Performs At The Old Palace Hatfield House

Holly and Jonathan recently hired a magician to perform amazing magic during their wedding in the gardens of The Old Palace at Hatfield House.  I had the pleasure of being that magician!

Wedding Magician Hatfield

This is an amazing building!  The Old Palace, which is next to Hatfield House itself, was built in 1845 by the Bishop of Ely John Morton.  It is one of the foremost examples of medieval brickwork in the country and originally formed a quadrangle around a central courtyard.  The remaining wing contains the banqueting hall where the wedding breakfasts are now served.

Henry Viii acquired the Palace from the Bishop of Ely in around 1538 and used it as a nursery for his three children.  It is with Elizabeth that the palace is most associated.  She had her childhood here and shared in her brother Edward’s education.  Things changed for Elizabeth when Queen Mary came to the throne in 1553.  Mary feared her enemies might try to place her protestant sister on the throne so Elizabeth was kept under house arrest at Hatfield House.

In 1558 Elizabeth was sitting under an oak tree in the gardens when she learned she was to become Queen.  These days The Old Palace, or what is left of it, can be used for private banquets, parties, wedding ceremonies and other functions.

Magic During The Drinks Reception In The Old Palace Gardens

DSCN3095aThis is where I come in.  I was booked on recommendation from another wedding to entertain the guests in The Old Palace Gardens as Holly and Jonathan had their wedding pictures taken.  What a magnificent garden it is and it leads directly out from the Banqueting Hall.  It features a mini maze and is totally private from the rest of the estate.  The back end of the garden is raised higher up and this is where most guests prefer to mingle as the high hedges offer shade from the sun.

It was a beautiful summer’s day and I mixed and mingled with the wedding guests performing my magic and entertaining everybody.  Initially, I was booked as a surprise but eventually word got around who I was and eventually people were requesting that I go over to perform for them.

Magic During The Wedding Breakfast

DSCN3088Towards the end of my performance all the guests were called back into the Banqueting Hall for food.  This part of the wedding is called the Wedding Breakfast.  I have often wondered why it is called a breakfast when it is mid-afternoon but apparently it’s because it is the first meal the Bride and Groom have as man and wife.

As the guests are seated and settled the Usher then introduced the newly-wed couple into the Hall as man and wife for the first time to the cheers and applause of their family and friends and they are seated at the head table.  The final part of my performance was to perform some magic to Holly and Johnathan.  Sometimes this is not easy to do as the Bride and Groom are usually very busy and can be difficult to get near.

Mind Blowing Magic

DSCN3085Luckily on this occasion this was not the case as Holly and Jonathan are big magic fans.  I have several magic effects that I perform exclusively for the Bride and Groom and the head Table.  I performed a card trick effect of mine called The Fourth Dimension and I know these two will remember it for a very long time!  As Holly and Johnathan were seated at the Head Table I performed opposite them.  I had Jonathan select a card.  A corner of the card was torn away and given to Holly to hold.  The remainder of the card was then vanished from my bare hands in a puff of smoke and instantly reappeared right underneath Johnathan on his chair! – A reputation making effect and one that secures me more bookings!

Altogether The Old Palace at Hatfield House is wonderful wedding venue and it was another wonderful day for me as a wedding magician.  I am really am very lucky to be invited to such amazing venues and perform my magic.  That must be magic itself!

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